Adventurous Activities for Bora Bora Visitors

Based in Colorado Springs, Mark Fretta currently serves as the president of Vector Sports Intermediary. As an enthusiastic athlete, Mark Fretta also enjoys adventurous travel excursions where he can experience tropical landscapes, sparkling waters, and thrilling activities. His future travel plans include a visit to Tahiti’s Bora Bora.

There are exciting pursuits for Bora Bora visitors, including kitesurfing and parasailing. At the Kitesurf School Polynesia, travelers can partake in a 90-minute instruction session to learn how to use wind-propelled power kites to traverse the lagoon. The class provides all the kite and safety equipment for surfers of various skill levels.

For further exhilaration, visitors can also take a solo or duo parasailing trip over the turquoise waters surrounding Matira Beach. Parasailers can glimpse sharks, stingrays, and turtles in the water and behold breathtaking views of the nearby islands and Mount Otemanu. The sessions are often 15 to 25 minutes and offer transportation from the central island.


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