Visiting the United States Olympic Complex in Colorado Springs

Accomplished athlete Mark Fretta was once the number-one-ranked professional triathlete and a member of the USA Men’s Pan American Games Triathlon Team. He was also a resident athlete at the United States Olympic Complex in Colorado Springs. Mark Fretta currently represents athletes as a principal and sports agent with Vector Sports Intermediary, LLC.

Based in Colorado Springs, the U.S. Olympic Complex is the headquarters of the U.S. Olympic Committee and the flagship Olympic training center, as well as the home of USA Swimming and USA Shooting. The center is located on 35 acres outside of downtown Colorado Springs and has facilities that accommodate many sports, including fencing, gymnastics, wrestling, and weightlifting, among others. Furthermore, the center offers housing and dining and other amenities to more than 500 athletes and coaches. The center has 242 dorm rooms and serves more than 300,000 meals annually.

The U.S. Olympic Complex is open to visits and hosts around 130,000 visitors a year. All ages are welcome. The center offers tours every 30 minutes during the summer and every hour during the winter. To learn more about visiting, check out


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