International Basketball Federation and Its Three-on-Three World Tour

An experienced triathlete and business advisor, Mark Fretta has worked as the associated vice president of operations with ART Corporate Solutions, Inc., since 2014. During his career in sports, Mark Fretta was involved in nearly every aspect of the industry: he was a top-ranked triathlete, managed his own athlete marketing firm, and served as a certified sports agent for both the Women’s National Basketball Association and the International Basketball Federation (FIBA).

Composed of more than 200 national basketball federations around the globe, the International Basketball Federation was founded in 1932. As the sport’s governing body, the nonprofit FIBA sets down the guidelines for international competitions, appoints international referees, and oversees player transfers between countries. Established on the ideals of community and continual development of the sport, FIBA supports and oversees a variety of competitions, including a three-on-three world tour.

Launched in 2012, the FIBA three-on-three world tour allows any team from anywhere in the world the opportunity to compete in a global competition after winning lower-level, regional tournaments. Designed to be community events, the three-on-three competitions incorporate dunking and shoot-out contests, street artists, music, and breakdancers. For the 2015 tournament, regional winners compete in one of six Masters tournaments in places such as Prague, Beijing, and Rio de Janeiro, before the final teams compete in the Finals in Abu Dhabi.


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