Tips to Consider When Traveling to Antarctica

The associate vice president of operations at ART Corporate Solutions, Inc., Mark Fretta is a former professional triathlete who has more than 10 years of experience as a resident athlete at the Colorado Springs, Colorado-based United States Olympic Training Center. A world traveler, Mark Fretta has visited every continent except Antarctica, which he hopes to visit someday.

Although Antarctica is more accessible than ever, it is still a remote place to visit with several complications to consider beyond simply booking travel arrangements. Most nations that travel to the continent require compliance with the 1959 Antarctica Treaty, which dictates, among other things, that only 100 people can land on one area at one time. The time of year can make a significant difference in both the climate and the wildlife on the continent, and the most popular tour season starts in November and ends in March. During that time, the spring ice breaks up beneath 20 hours of daylight and penguin chicks begin to hatch. Finally, those booking travel to Antarctica on a cruise ship need to make sure that the cost of the trip includes any fees to set foot on land rather than just look at it from the ship.


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