The Manitou Springs Incline – A Challenging 2,000-Foot Climb

Experienced attorney Mark Fretta serves as associate vice president of operations at A.R.T. (Active Release Techniques), Inc., in Colorado Springs, Colorado. An avid hiker and accomplished athlete, Mark Fretta currently holds the record for climbing the Manitou Springs Incline.

Known to locals as the Incline, the Manitou Springs Incline is a one-mile hiking trail that rises 2,000 feet in elevation. Originally, the trail was carved out to provide a track for a cable car, but a rock slide forced it to shut down in 1990. Locals in Colorado Springs soon began using the Incline for a challenging workout, despite the fact that it was illegal to climb portions of it up until 2013.

Today, hikers can legally climb the entire trail, and a renovation project that took place in 2014 has made it much safer to do so. Avid hikers of the Manitou Springs Incline can win rewards and compare their climbing times to other users on the Incline App.


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