Golf Digest Article – Hitting Over and Under Trees

The vice president of operations at Active Release Techniques in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Mark Fretta has also been an attorney, world-ranked triathlete, sports agent, and consultant. Mark Fretta also participates in a wide range of sports, including golf.

In a recent Golf Digest article, professional golfer Kevin Kisner explained how to hit under and over trees, a common and challenging obstacle on a golf course. Kisner explains that hitting under the tree is typically the best option, and recommends selecting a longer club than required for the distance and gripping it about an inch down. This well help to achieve enough distance, but with a low ball flight. With the chest positioned over the ball and feet shoulder-width apart, the club should travel on a more horizontal plane and with less vertical movement.

To hit over trees, Kisner suggests using a more lofted club and aligning the ball with the front heel, as if hitting a driver. The spine should also lean away from the target, and the right shoulder should dip to facilitate a more lofted shot. During the swing, Kisner recommends hitting up on the ball with a shallow swing that lightly skims the ground before and after impact.


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