Colorado Springs U.S. Olympic Training Center

Colorado Springs U.S. Olympic Training Center pic
Colorado Springs U.S. Olympic Training Center

Triathlete and sports agent Mark Fretta has been part of the athletic scene for over a decade. In 2011, Mark Fretta was an official member of the USA men’s triathlon team for the Pan American Games, and prior to this, he was a resident athlete at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs for more than a decade.

The Colorado Springs training center forms the core of the Olympic Training Center program, and its 35-acre complex houses the USA Swimming and USA Shooting national headquarters. With venues for several Olympic sports, including gymnastics, pentathlon, and weightlifting, the complex enables a wide range of athletes to train for the Olympic Games.

It also supports its athletes’ efforts at nutrition and wellness through a dining hall and sports medicine center. More than 500 athletes can stay at the Olympic Training Center at a time. Such athletes are selected through the national governing body of their sport. Fans and other interested parties can visit the complex during the summer months, when it offers 15 daily tours.


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