How Are Triathlon Bicycles Different?

Triathlon Bicycles pic
Triathlon Bicycles

Mark Fretta is an attorney, sports agent, and former world-class triathlete. Competing with a borrowed bicycle, Mark Fretta earned his first major triathlon victory at the 2012 Chicago Triathlon. Triathlon bicycles are specially designed, and the right bike geometry can make a big difference in a race.

Question: How is a triathlon bicycle different from a road bike?
Answer: The most important difference is the angle of the seat tube, which is much steeper on a triathlon bike. On a properly fitted bike, this puts the cyclist’s hips directly over the crank for improved power transfer.

Question: What kind of handlebars do triathlon bicycles use?
Answer: Triathlon geometry bicycles are almost always fitted with aero bars, or with clip-on aero bar extensions. These special handlebars put the cyclist in an extremely aerodynamic position, reducing drag. They also allow cyclists to rest their arms on pads, relieving pressure on joins and reducing muscle fatigue.


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